We Have Moved !

(…drum roll please…)

GT Tips is no longer operating, but the good news is that the same team of expert tipsters are still posting their views over at LoveWinners.co.uk

There you can find all the winners you found on these pages;

Free Football Betting Tips
Free Horse Racing Betting Tips
Free Tennis Betting Tips
Free Darts, Golf, Snooker and Other Sports Betting Tips

Along with our Award Winning Premium Tipping Service.

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GT Tips: Weekly Profit Updates: Year 4, Week 21

On the 22nd of September the team moved over to LoveWinners.co.uk. This was the last week of tipping on these pages. Head over to the new site to catch up with the latest PnL figures.

Click here to view our overall PnL figures since we started in May 2011.

We’ve got more detailed information and analysis on our Year OneYear Two and Year Three pages.

GT Tips – Week 21

All Tips:                            -5.45

Horse Racing Tips:     -1.12
Rugby Tips:                    No Tips
Football Tips:                -0.43
Tennis Tips:                   -8.00
Other Sports Tips:      +4.10

These numbers combine all our Free, Premium and Elite selections.

If you’d like to see our stats in more detail then contact us and we’ll send you the latest copy of our PnL spreadsheet.